What Should I Wear? 
We want you to dress comfortable and be who God made you! If that means you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt then wear jeans and a t-shirt and if you want to wear a 3 piece suit then have at it.  We have very diverse group and we don’t make a big deal about dress, but we do want to make sure you’re clothed when you come.  A good thought to keep in mind is would I want to meet Jesus with what I have on? Clothes are not a big deal because God is not looking at the outside but the inside. We do, however, ask for people to cover themselves appropriately as to not cause others to stumble, so please keep modesty in mind.
How long will the service last?
On Sunday mornings our services usually last about an hour to an hour and a half.  Connection groups meet at 9:30am, and last about an hour or so, and worship service begins at 11am, but will not always end at noon.  We leave the flow and timeframe of the services up to God.
What will services be like?
What you’re going to find is that our services are not boring.  The last thing we desire is to worship God in a boring way.  Worship is what YOU make it.  We do not have cheerleaders to try to get you to worship the Lord.  You will always get out of worship what you put into it.  We have a blended service of traditional and contemporary music, we do not follow a scripted order of service, and we make prayer and preaching the priority.  Our Preaching is passionate and it’s end is ALWAYS the Cross!  We believe in setting the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work and draw people to Christ.  We believe in life change and that is always our goal in every service, and it is only found in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Pastor Matt Ledbetter was born and raised in Waynesville, NC.  The son of a paper mill worker father and an automotive parts plant worker mother, he grew up loving and playing sports, fishing, and the outdoors.  Pastor Matt acccepted the Lord as Savior as an 11 year old boy at VBS at Ratcliffe Cove Baptist Church, where his family were members and his father served as a deacon.  He graduated from Tuscola High School in Waynesville in 1990 and entered the U.S. Army in July​ that same year.  After completing his time in the military, he came back home and started college. 
    In 1994, he met the love of his life, Lana.  They were married on October 22, 1994, and have been married for over 23 years.  Lana is a native of Morehead, KY, and is a graduate of Morehead State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  
    In 1996, they welcomed into the world their daughter, Danyelle Elizabeth.  Danyelle is now a graduate of Liberty University and resides in Lynchburg, VA.​
    Pastor Matt is graduate of Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and Liberty University and is currently pursuing his masters through Andersonville Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has been in full-time ministry since March 1999. He previously served Rose of Sharon Baptist Church in Doerun, GA., Hamburg Baptist Church in Glenville, NC, and Crabtree Baptist Church in Clyde, NC.